Create your life


What if you could turn your greatest obstacle into discovery and possibility? We think you can.

The Possibility Practice is a therapy and executive coaching center in New York City. We cultivate gentle, compassionate, direct and challenging curiosity, which empowers you to create your life.

We work with:

  • People who are in pain.
  • People who are seeking a deeper life experience.
  • People in leadership who want to reshape their relationships and performance.
  • People who feel stuck.
  • People who are addicted to food, drugs, sex, stuff.
  • People who want better relationships.
  • People.

Come to The Possibility Practice to develop the emotional, intellectual, social and professional muscles you need to create your personal, professional and community life, anywhere, any time.

Engage in a practice that helps to develop the ability to see anew, to ask new questions, cultivate curiosity, and create possibility.

We live as though we know everything — about ourselves and about everybody else. This is especially so when it comes to our pain. We think that the meaning of illness, pain, love, anger, addiction, anxiety or depression is set in stone. When we think we know everything, we stop growing. We become stuck and unable to create with the people and events and experiences in our lives. Questioning helps us to live and to grow.

At our practice, you learn to ask new kinds of questions that allow you to examine the assumptions you have about all that you feel and think. This gentle and compassionate questioning transforms emotional pain into something new – a new and developing you.

The Possibility Practice is a powerful way to help you with whatever pain and difficulty you are experiencing. Practice with us and feel and get better.

Karen Steinberg LCSW and Stanka Nestorovic LMHC comply with the No Surprise Act. We provide all self-pay and out-of-network therapy clients fair treatment and full written and verbal disclosure about the estimate of their annual costs for psychotherapy services, as mutually agreed upon.

Practice Options


Karen Steinberg, MSW, LCSW

Karen Steinberg is a therapist and executive coach, speaker, and writer. Deeply impacted by the unyielding pain and suffering in the world, she has dedicated her life to the study and practice of human and social transformation. Her work is an expression of her conviction that to transform our lives and our world, we have to work together to create the change. Karen has spent a lifetime helping people and organizations to turn their greatest obstacles into discovery and possibility.


Stanka Nestorovic, MA, LMHC

Stanka Nestorovic is passionate about creating new possibilities for her patients and helping them to grow. Stanka was raised in Banjaluka, in the northwestern region of the former Yugoslavia, now Bosnia. Stanka has worked alongside Karen Steinberg, assisting in her group therapy practice since 2000, and maintains her private practice in our offices at 303 Fifth Avenue.


The interplay between and among people creates exponential possibilities for who you can become.

What our clients say

“Karen is a virtuoso therapist, a passionate humanist/artist/philosopher who creates her brand of therapy as a collaborative effort.”

—Mary, Artist

“I have had overwhelming depression. I have received a tremendous amount of help from Stanka. I feel rejuvenated.”

—Veronica, Mother, Project Manager

“I’ve learned to take a serious look at how I see myself and how my colleagues respond to me as an African American woman. This has allowed me an opportunity to learn more about people- who they are, how I relate to them and they to me. I now have a better understanding of my effect on others, and this has been essential to my growth as a leader.” 

—Monica, PR Director

“Group therapy at The Possibility Practice taught me how to maneuver in the world and be more functional with my distrust for white men.”

—Dana, Media Professional

“Quite simply, our work in group has transformed my life. I used to make myself sick with nerves; something as basic as taking the subway took incredible strength and courage for me. Now, I travel to countries all over the world for my dream job.”

—Melissa, Creative Director

The executive coaching group was such an enlightening experience for me professionally and personally. Engaging in experiential learning in this group setting really allowed me to work on my areas of focus and receive invaluable real time feedback from a diverse set of cohorts. I learned and refined skills that I can apply and that I am applying in all aspects of my life.

—Astrid, VP Technology

“I feel worlds better – more stable, more energetic and more full of life and more nourished from the work we’re doing in group.”

—Robyn, Human Resources Manager

“Group was a game changer.”

—Daryin, Anthropologist

“I started working with Karen because I wanted help with career moves and on-the-job interpersonal skills. She helped me to see how my attitudes and means of communication were holding me back. I am now better at listening and relating to what is going on, in and out of work.”

—Bonnie, Development Consultant

“Group is, therapeutically, the single most helpful thing I’ve ever done. In a safe environment, I’ve been able to pry myself loose of my closely guarded, preconceived notions. It has allowed me to see myself more clearly by allowing other people to teach me how my actions affect them.”

—Chris, Holistic Health Care Provider

“Karen helped me to see the bigger picture of my job setting, to be more confident about offering what I have to give clients and colleagues, and be more effective at building trusted business relationships.”

—Charles, Director, Financial Services Firm

“I have learned the power of the collective, that anything is possible when you collaborate, and that the environment you create is more powerful than the individuals in it.”

—Johanna, Writer

“Though we are doing intense group therapy, we are also doing more than that. We are creating a nexus of social change on a very personal level. We go to the deepest roots you can go to, where we question what we think we know, sometimes break it down, explore the possibilities, create more possibilities, and then work to build something new together.”

—Michaela, Organic Farmer

“Stanka helps me find me, see me and accept me – and to still have the strength, energy, and flexibility to listen and grow.”

—Brian, Actor

There are many ways to see and live life, and you can create them. Practice makes possible.

The Possibility Practice