Stanka Nestorovic, MA, LMHC

Stanka Nestorovic is passionate about creating new possibilities with her patients and helping them to grow. Stanka was raised in Banjaluka, in the northwestern region of the former Yugoslavia, now Bosnia.

Early in her career, Stanka studied developmental psychology, focusing primarily on children. She wanted to learn more about the nature of human beings, about how we develop, about why we suffer and cause others to suffer. She grew to feel that human development was critical for children and grown-ups, and expanded her practice to include adults.

She earned her BA and her MA in clinical psychology from the University of Belgrade, where she worked in the Psychiatry Department in the School of Medicine for twenty years. There, she conducted diagnostic evaluations, supervised and taught therapy methods to medical students, consulted with medical departments, and implemented community mental health projects.

In 1992, Stanka developed a short-term crisis-counseling program for people impacted by the civil war in Bosnia. Frustrated by the limitations of psychology and the available therapeutic tools, she pursued postgraduate work in the United States.

Stanka continuously looked to learn and develop new, effective and humanistic approaches to helping people, and became proficient in a variety of methods. She earned postgraduate certificates in Transactional Analysis, Personal Construct Therapy, Bioenergetic Therapy and in Short-Term Therapy.

From 1999 to 2015, Stanka was a sought-after psychotherapist at a comprehensive care clinic in the Bronx, where she did assessment, family therapy, individual therapy and cognitive training with indigent adults with major emotional and developmental disorders.

Stanka has worked alongside Karen Steinberg, assisting in her group therapy practice since 2000, and maintains her private practice in our offices at 303 Fifth Avenue.  

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