Individual Therapy

Take a look at how you see.

If you are in emotional pain and you are like many people, you feel that your pain and your problems are private or shameful. Yet keeping them to yourself keeps you stuck. We can help.

At The Possibility Practice, your first step is to begin working in individual sessions with a caring and skilled therapist. We ask questions. You ask questions. Together we “unpack” who you are and what is happening in your life that is causing you pain. Together we determine what to work on, and how we will work so that you can get the help you need.

With support from your therapist, you begin to engage in a practice, a way of talking and thinking about yourself and your problems that help you develop the ability to see anew, to ask new questions, cultivate curiosity and create possibility. As you engage in this practice, you will feel and get better.

As you get better, you will either complete your individual therapy or enter an ongoing Possibility Practice group.

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Couples Therapy

Relationships are wonderful. Relationships are hard.

Contrary to the still pervasive fantasy of living happily ever after, whether gay, queer, trans, bi or straight, monogamous or polyamorous, mono- or inter-racial, many people need relationship help. Our romantic notions of love make it easy to fall in love, and often hard to stay in love. We make assumptions about each other that become the foundation of the relationship. When the glow of early romance fades, people are often disappointed, angry, and either desperately trying to bring it back or stuck and unable to find a way forward.

With The Possibility Practice, you learn to unravel the web of assumptions you have about yourself, your partner and your relationship that prevents you from building an intimate and genuine relationship with who you each are.

Learn to start or end a relationship well, or to repair a troubled one. Get help with emotional, financial and sexual compatibility and transgressions, gender dynamics, and parenting practices, all from the vantage point of growth for the people involved and for the relationship itself.

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Group Therapy

Pain and difficulty are produced socially, and in connection with others, and so is the cure.

Groups — whether two people or twenty-five — make growth and healing possible. The interplay between and among diverse people creates exponential possibilities for who you can become.

Do you think your suffering and hardships have no developmental value? Think again. Groups at The Possibility Practice work collaboratively with everything its members have to give: anxiety, depression, or anger; a painful relationship, health problems, the death of a loved one, or simply the desire to grow. This powerful group activity creates healing and growth for all participants.

Join a group. Build an environment for growth, where you can discover and create new ways of thinking, seeing and being, and experience and create the world in which you live, in all its fluidity and diversity.

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Executive Coaching

Just because you have the credentials to get the job, doesn’t mean you have all you need to do the job.

The world has changed. Work, career, organization, sales, diversity, community, leadership and business development have taken on new meaning. The world of business — from the arts to freelance to corporate — works differently than ever before.

From our perspective, relationships are the cornerstone of all business. Every transaction and every interaction takes place within the context of one or many relationships. It is precisely in this arena that professional growth and transformation can take place and the one in which many people are ill-equipped to perform. That’s where we come in. We teach people to lead by building and leveraging relationships positively (even the difficult ones).

Our practice of Executive Coaching is a developmental collaboration. We help you to see your accomplishments, strengths, and limitations, and to create new and effective ways of relating to yourself, your colleagues and competitors. We help you create new skills and grow into new roles.

You can get help with any and all aspects of your work life including:

  • Sales and marketing
  • Negotiating fees
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Gender, race, and ethnicity at work
  • Changing expectations for high-achieving women
  • Growing from subject-matter expert to manager
  • 360 management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Presentation skills
  • Succession planning
  • Leading and building teams

We offer individual executive coaching, executive coaching groups, coaching for entrepreneurs, business partners and work teams, and community and nonprofit leaders. If you want to create new possibilities for yourself, your team, your partnership or your organization, we can help.

We have coached artists, entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 executives and nonprofit leaders around the country, including from some of the following organizations:

  • American Jewish World Service
  • Area 17
  • Baruch College
  • Beacon Platform Inc
  • Citigroup
  • Conde Nast
  • Deloitte
  • Donovan & Yee
  • Equinox
  • Ernst & Young LLP
  • Estee Lauder
  • Excellent Education for Everyone
  • Fifth Avenue Committee
  • Goldman Sachs
  • IOBY
  • Liberation In Truth Unity Fellowship Church & Drop In Center
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Marsh
  • Media Action Center
  • New York Weill Cornell Medical Center
  • New York University
  • Northern Trust
  • Plays For Living
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Revlon Inc.
  • Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital
  • Standard & Poor’s
  • Tiffany & Co.
  • Tinge
  • TWP America, Inc.
  • The United Nations Development Programme
  • Village Care of NY
  • Weil, Gotshal & Manges
  • Well of Hope Drop-In Center

Coaching Services are non-clinical and are provided through Create Your Life LLC.

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Workshops & Training

There are many ways to see and live life, and you can create them.

What we do, how we think, and how we talk are often determined by our private and public dialogue on any given topic. When our language and understanding are left unexamined, we remain limited in our capacity to create our lives.

Our groups, workshops, and trainings help you to see anew and to ask new questions about a host of issues in a welcoming and open environment that is intellectually, socially, emotionally, and professionally stimulating.

Half and full-day workshops are an opportunity to work with founder Karen Steinberg in topic-driven conversations designed to assist people with emerging issues in their lives and in the world.

Workshops are open to the public or delivered to groups or organizations by request.

Coaching Services are non-clinical and are provided through Create Your Life LLC.

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