Create your life

What if you could turn your greatest obstacle into discovery and possibility? We think you can.

See beyond your self and societally imposed limitations.

Engage in a practice that helps to develop the ability to see anew, to ask new questions, cultivate curiosity, and create possibility.

Questioning helps us to live and to grow.

The world is fluid and continuously in flux, yet we pretend that everything stays the same. The world is varied, yet we fixate on a single way of being in it. When we think that we know everything we stop growing. We become stuck.

Slow down.

Take a look at how you see; unravel the web of assumptions you have – about yourself, about others, about your problems, and about the world – that prevents you from living life in creative and gratifying ways. Everything and everyone is connected and in some way has an impact on everything else.

Pain and difficulty are produced socially and so is the cure.

Groups – whether two people or twenty-five – make growth possible. The interplay between and among people creates exponential possibilities for who you can become. There are many ways to see and live life, and you can create them.

Practice makes possible.

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