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100 Big Ideas. Designing Play: An ode to chance and luck

With the expertise of French naval architect Francois Rougier, artist Max Mulhern has created what he calls, Aqua Dice. They look just like dice– if dice were large bright orange phosphorescent cubes with royal blue spots. They are bio-composites and 100% recyclable. On the Aqua Dice website, he coins the lovely … Read more

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Therapy Branding: Traditional Psychotherapy Has An Image Problem

In the New York Times piece from November 23, What Brand Is Your Therapist? Lori Gottlieb speaks openly about the branding problem traditional therapists face. As their practices dwindle because patients no long want their wares, it is increasingly clear that traditional psychotherapy rightfully has an image problem. It also has an unaddressed methodological … Read more

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