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Executive Coaching Group Begins April 20

Get Executive Coaching for Real Life. In Real Time. In six intensive weeks, you will develop real time leadership, coaching, team building, platform and communication skills. Read more

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Should you control your emotions (at work)?

I had the pleasure of talking with Eilene Zimmerman from the New York Times a few weeks ago.  She wanted to talk with me about my take on emotions at work – specifically anger and outbursts – for her Career Couch column.  We discussed a variety of scenarios in which … Read more

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Possibility Workshop Participants Consider New Trusted Advisor

On Saturday June 9th, people from various corners of life — education, law enforcement, mental health, finance, the arts, fitness and community activism — participated in the workshop Turn What is into What if?“, with Possibility Practice Founder, Karen Steinberg. The group examined its individual and collective relationships to emotions … Read more

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“All he did, really, was say hello.”

“What’s wrong with saying hello?  It has become the norm to be distant and non-trusting of strangers…” These are the sentiments expressed by a young man known as the1janitor on YouTube, in his beautiful video commentary about talking to strangers and the human condition: Last summer, my partner and I went … Read more

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