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What Are Your Assumptions? How Do They Hold You Back?

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Many of us pride ourselves in our ability to acknowledge and embrace the fact that people live their lives in many ways that are different from our own. Often, without even knowing it, what we mean is that others live differently, but within the same assumptive framework of “what is” that we have about ourselves and the world. We think they live as we do. Or that they should.

This assumption can remain unexposed and unchallenged particularly when we relate mostly with people who are like us and we do not actually bump up against, or come in contact with “others.”  When we do relate to people who live differently from us, our assumptions are palpable, though often invisible as such, as we experience it more as conflict. We think reflexively and unselfconsciously that we are right. Witness the kinds of battles people in relationships have about how to do things like wash dishes, do laundry, cook meals, celebrate holidays, raise children and yes, how to make love.

Have you had any of these challenges?

One of the central ways we help people at The Possibility Practice, is to engage in a practice together that helps develop the ability to see anew – to ask new questions, and cultivate curiosity. This practice helps you to unravel the web of assumptions you have – about yourself, about others, about your problems, and about the world – that prevents you from living your life in creative and gratifying ways.

Here is a lovely presentation by possibility-maker, musician and former professional clown, Derek Sivers, that delivers a fun, quick and mind-expanding dose of questioning assumptions.


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