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Therapy Branding: Traditional Psychotherapy Has An Image Problem

What Brand is Your Therapist? In the New York Times piece from November 23, What Brand Is Your Therapist? Lori Gottlieb speaks openly about the branding problem traditional therapists face. As their practices dwindle because patients no long want their wares, it is increasingly clear that traditional psychotherapy rightfully has an image problem.

It also has an unaddressed methodological one:

Talk therapy insight, in itself, does not equate to having the ability to live a more fulfilling life. Engaging in a therapeutic activity, a practice, that helps people to develop the capacity to create their lives, can not only produce insight and understanding, it gives people the tools they need to live.  It is methodologically sound, and most important, curative.

How exciting it would be if “the field” did some examination of it’s motivations, conflicts and impulses, and turned its attention toward cure, rather than maintaining itself.

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