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What’s creativity got to do with therapy?

Are you creative?  So many people respond with a resounding “Oh NO!“, or “not really”, or, ” I was when I was younger”, when asked that question. It is clear from their tone, that they think that creativity is reserved for only certain kind of people – and not them. … Read more

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You Can’t Always do What you Want

I grew up in the suburbs of New Jersey in the 1970’s. There are many things that are emblematic of that time. For me, two big ones are The Rolling Stones, and mosquitos. The Stones released six albums during that decade. We were big fans. People went to concerts whenever … Read more

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What If You Could Change The Way You See?

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What I love about being a psychotherapist

I love helping people to transform their lives into something of their own making, and beyond what they thought possible. People often come for help feeling powerless, in pain, and unable to impact their circumstances. It is an incredible privilege to help people to learn how to take what there … Read more

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Happy New Year: Best Wishes from The Possibility Practice

Fill your 2013 with more possibility.

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