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Design is a Hotspot of Creativity: Brooklyn-Based Situ Studio’s Heart Walk From Hurricane Sandy

The world of design is a hotspot of creativity, and provides great opportunities to learn about the ways that people make and practice possibility. I am spending some time looking through the lenses of some great designers these days, and some of them are New York’s own.

The creators of one of Interior Design magazine’s “100 Big Ideas” are Situ Studio, born in Brooklyn, New York. Their big idea was to take one of the East Coast’s greatest difficulties and turn it into discovery and possibility. They salvaged pieces of the wooden planks of boardwalks that had been destroyed in Hurricane Sandy, and built an art installation, which brought love and connectedness to extreme public spaces—like Times Square. Their creation, which by design wraps around the community that visits it, is named, “Heart Walk.”


Where is the heart, so to speak, in this installation? In their own words, the project “draws inspiration from the collective experience of Hurricane Sandy and the love that binds the City’s citizens together during trying times.”

Here is a video of “Heart Walk” in action. The installation exists in a swirl of the community, some of whom enter the embrace of the structure. Everything and everyone appears to be connected.

Situ Studio believes in collaboration. They have created with lawyers, activists, geologists, paleontologists and artists.  The studio says of its collaborations, “they have resulted in unanticipated but exciting applications of architectural tools and methodologies to projects that extend into territory far beyond the architectural community.”

Their work is not only “to explore novel and nuanced spatial problems driven by an entirely different set of objectives, but more importantly to seek new territory for the designer’s role in politics, science, society, and the environment.”

Working together creates possibility.  And, perhaps not incidentally, heart.

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