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Showing Emotions at Work–The Possibility Practice in The New York Times Career Couch

In September of 2012, I contributed to a New York Times article in Eilene Zimmerman’s Career Couch column. The article, “Finding the Roots of Your Office Anger” poses many questions about how to deal with emotions in the workplace.

One question the article poses is, “How does suppressing emotions at work affect performance?”


People ask me all the time whether they should show their emotions at work. I think the real question is, how can you make use of your emotions at work?

In my view, emotions are an asset, a friend, to be valued and attended to, a tool at our disposal to use to build our lives in all aspects, including at work. They are the seeds of creativity and possibility, if you are open to making use of them.

What do you think? Should you control your emotions (at work)? You can read more of my thoughts about it by clicking on the link above.

Also, I’ll be on a radio show next week discussing How to Get Things Done When You Feel Powerless.  You can tune in Tuesday, March 19, at 11AM EST to Enclaria Radio.

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