Turn emotional pain into discovery and possibility.

Is The Possibility Practice therapy?

Yes. And more. The Possibility Practice is a way to help you with whatever is bothering you, and develop the tools to create your life. How? By creating a conversation with a caring and skilled person, with whom you can discover and develop new ways of thinking, seeing and being, that allow you to feel and get better.

Can it do all that?

Yes. Therapy, at its best, can make use of something painful to create something joyful. That happens when it is done in a way that helps you live fully in the world, by turning emotional pain into discovery and possibility.

How does The Possibility Practice turn emotional
pain into a new possibility?

The Possibility Practice is an approach that is philosophical, creative and inquisitive. You learn to ask new kinds of questions that allow you to examine the assumptions you have about all that you feel and think. That activity transforms emotional pain and struggle into something new.

Why is it important to question?

We live as though we know everything — about ourselves, and about everybody else. The problem is, that way of relating limits our curiosity, and our ability to see and create new options; we think that the meaning of things — illness, pain, love, work, anger, anxiety and depression — is set in stone. When we think that we know everything, we stop growing. Then life happens, and it doesn’t match what we know to be true. We become stuck and unable to create meaning with the people and events and experiences in our lives. Questioning helps us to live, and to grow.

What about group therapy at The Possibility Practice?

Group therapy is the gem of The Possibility Practice. Groups — whether two people or twenty-five — make growth possible. The interplay between and among people creates exponential possibilities for who you can become. Group therapy at The Possibility Practice is a challenging, creative activity that enables you to learn about, and develop who you are — in relation to others.

Use group therapy to create something new with all that you have: anxiety, depression, or anger, a painful relationship, health problems or the death of a loved one, or just wanting to develop and grow. Build a group, an environment for growth that reflects the connectedness of the world. Why? Because it enables you to discover and create new ways of thinking, seeing and being, and allows you to experience and create the whole that is the world in which we live, in all its fluidity and diversity.

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