We help you to grow professionally and emotionally, so you can help your clients grow.

Who participates in supervision at The Possibility Practice?

Psychotherapists, social workers, educators, traditional and alternative health care providers.

What should I expect from clinical supervision?

Whether it is an individual or group context, supervision provides a “second (or third, fourth and fifth) set of eyes”, and a context to discuss your work with clients and students, to examine your understanding of who your clients are, what their difficulties are, and how to help them.

Typically, supervision can help to increase awareness of what is being raised for you by the work or client, and is helpful in brainstorming about possible ways to respond to, and help a client or colleague. Supervision at The Possibility Practice not only increases your skill, but also helps you to grow professionally and emotionally.

How does supervision at The Possibility Practice
model therapy?

We get close to you in supervision; we get to know you, we listen closely to what you say and how you say it. We learn what your vulnerabilities and strengths are, and discover what it is that you need in order to be more effective in your work. Together, we create the conditions in which we can travel to whatever philosophical and emotional place we need to go, to enable you to be as honest and genuine and close, or as distant as is needed to be helpful to your clients.

How does The Possibility Practice’s philosophy
influence supervision?

Supervision at The Possibility Practice is a philosophical-emotional-creative activity, in which you, together with your supervisor, examine the assumptions informing the way you talk, think about and approach your clients. We teach you how to work with a level of philosophical and emotional rigor, to continuously create your work with your clients and with us, such that it has intellectual, emotional and therapeutic integrity.

What do you mean by supervision as a
philosophical-emotional-creative activity?

We help professionals like you to rely less on applying what you know, and more on discovering how to be helpful, given who you and your clients are. Being professional demands that you grow and develop emotionally, and make use of your and your clients’ emotions, strengths, assumptions and vulnerabilities. That activity is philosophical, creative and emotional.

For you, as for everyone else, the attachment to knowing can be very strong when you are in the position of being a subject matter expert, an authority, charged with finding answers and solutions to the problems that people come seeking help with. Professional disciplines are often structured with a language and a system of categorization, which, while sometimes helpful, can also thwart the ability to learn about, see and understand the particular people we are working with. Professional language can create a shortcut and a shield behind which to hide, and create distance between practitioner and patient or student.

And, even more challenging, knowing is often what our clients expect from us. As a caring and skilled professional, you can have a host of assumptions about yourself as a helper, about your clients and colleagues — who they are, what is important to attend to, which of your own reactions and feelings and experiences of your client are, and are not, useful to the work. You may not pay attention to how you are feeling about it, and exclude that as an important element of the professional relationship and work. The Possibility Practice supervision enables you to make use of all that is available to you, to support your and your clients’ growth. If you’re ready to grow as a professional and create a possibility practice within your work, contact us.

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