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Possibility Workshop Participants Consider New Trusted Advisor

On Saturday June 9th, people from various corners of life — education, law enforcement, mental health, finance, the arts, fitness and community activism — participated in the workshop Turn What is into What if?“, with Possibility Practice Founder, Karen Steinberg.

The group examined its individual and collective relationships to emotions – “good” and “bad” – and considered what it might mean to relate to the subjective part of their lives – their emotionality – as a close friend, a trusted advisor and a resource to draw upon and learn from in all circumstances.

Here is what one participant had to say about it:

“When we started, I didn’t know how we were going to do this.  It was so amazing to be with all different people, and all talking about very similar experiences and struggles in our lives.  We did such such intimate work, on a deep level– in two hours!  It was such a beautiful experience.  The work done here is very unusual and very special. I was so happy to be a part of it.” 

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