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Possibility in Practice

I turned fifty last month. For me, 50 means possibility. Since 2007, I have been on a mission. I have been exploring ways to expand my work and include a variety of people in my practice. I believe that the interplay between and among people creates exponential possibilities for who you can become. And creating an environment where all people have a place to grow is my life’s work.

It is in that spirit that I am very pleased to announce the launch of my expanded and rebranded practice and website, The Possibility Practice.

On our website you can learn more about me, and my longtime colleague Stanka Nestorovic and about our services and philosophy; you’ll find our manifesto, and a blog with writings on a host of topics from a Possibility Practice point of view. You’ll be able to read what our community of clients have to say about our work, and sign up for the latest event. And of course, you can follow me on Twitter, and friend us on Facebook or Google +.

At The Possibility Practice, practice makes possible. Join us for any or all of what we are doing and create more possibility in your life, whether you are 25, 50 or 85.

I have been developing what I have always dreamt of and wished for: a life and work practice that would enable me to help more people to create possibility in their lives. I look forward to creating possibility with you.

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Karen Steinberg