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You Are Invited to An Event May 9: Infrequently Asked Questions

Got a Burning Question? An issue you want to discuss? Participate in a facilitated rumination on our collective understandings and the creation of some new ones. Read more

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What do you mean?

“What do you mean?” I ask this question often, in therapy and elsewhere. And, I encourage you to ask it too. Why? Because we routinely assume that we understand (know) what we, and others are saying – people we know well and people we don’t – and equally often, we … Read more

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Father’s Day Everyday–Helping Men Become Better Men

Holidays are a mixed bag. On the one hand, they provide opportunities to celebrate, and express love and appreciation for the people and events that are the subject of them. On the other, they project a one-sided and often distorted picture, compel us to ignore the parts that are harder … Read more

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You Can’t Always do What you Want

I grew up in the suburbs of New Jersey in the 1970’s. There are many things that are emblematic of that time. For me, two big ones are The Rolling Stones, and mosquitos. The Stones released six albums during that decade. We were big fans. People went to concerts whenever … Read more

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Showing Emotions at Work–The Possibility Practice in The New York Times Career Couch

In September of 2012, I contributed to a New York Times article in Eilene Zimmerman’s Career Couch column. The article, “Finding the Roots of Your Office Anger” poses many questions about how to deal with emotions in the workplace. One question the article poses is, “How does suppressing emotions at … Read more

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Rejection Therapy -The Possibility Practice in Bloomberg Businessweek

Do you fear rejection? Become a nervous wreck when the possibility arises, or try to avoid it all together? Think there is nothing else to do? Check this out: A man named Jia Jiang decided to be rejected once a day for 100 days – that’s right, intentionally rejected for … Read more

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Slow Down.

Slow Down. Click. Press Play. Enjoy…

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Should you control your emotions (at work)?

I had the pleasure of talking with Eilene Zimmerman from the New York Times a few weeks ago.  She wanted to talk with me about my take on emotions at work – specifically anger and outbursts – for her Career Couch column.  We discussed a variety of scenarios in which … Read more

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There are many ways to see and live life, and you can create them.

Look like any old Oregon license plate? It is on a police car. Notice anything unusual? I did, including the cheerful Portland police officer who let me take the photo.

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“All he did, really, was say hello.”

“What’s wrong with saying hello?  It has become the norm to be distant and non-trusting of strangers…” These are the sentiments expressed by a young man known as the1janitor on YouTube, in his beautiful video commentary about talking to strangers and the human condition: Last summer, my partner and I went … Read more

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