Karen and my group have shown me that things I dismissed as not possible in my life are within reach, and that sitting with my feelings will help me be guided by them. This has allowed me to go about my life in a more fulfilled way.

Simon, Public Policy Consultant

Since The Possibility Practice, I’ve become a better person. I’m learning to be less judgmental of myself and of others. I’m talking to people more, which naturally leads to finding similarities.

Rebecca, Designer, Wife, Mother

I got help. I have not drunk in over 15 months. My life started to change after I began to open up. I had never done that before.

Kate, Actor

Karen delivers big, perspective-shifting bits of philosophy that blow my mind.

Jens, Audio Equipment Designer

The work that I have done with Karen has enabled me to actively grow, build, create and have a life that I love living.

Zoie, Video Editor / Musician

Karen is a virtuoso therapist, a passionate humanist/artist/philosopher who creates her brand of therapy as a collaborative effort.

Mary, Database Designer