We don’t give you answers. We help you ask new questions.

What is the philosophy of The Possibility Practice?

Many progressive forms of psychology that recognize people’s particular life experience focus on having a new correct answer — either for the client or the practitioner. Often conventional, and even progressive therapies, talk about creative capacity, but don’t cultivate it within the work itself.

The Possibility Practice cultivates gentle, compassionate, direct and challenging curiosity, and empowers you to create and build your life. We don’t give you answers. We help you ask new questions.

The world is fluid, and continuously in flux, yet we pretend that everything stays the same. We are woefully unprepared to live a life in which things, people and circumstances change. So, what happens? Confusion, pain and suffering of all kinds.

The world is varied, yet we fixate on a single way of being in it. There are more ways than the one we know to be physical, emotional, cultural, professional, sexual and relational. We don’t know how to relate to people who don’t fit the one way we know how to be. So we can experience ourselves as alone, separate and disconnected, and in difficult situations that we don’t know how to navigate.

Then, we attempt to address our problems using the same intellectual and emotional tools that got us there in the first place!

Current scientific understanding of the universe is that everything, and everyone, is connected, and in some way has an impact on everything else. This is at the core of The Possibility Practice. We believe that pain and difficulty are produced socially, and in connection with others, and so is the cure.

The dominant way we’re trained to understand ourselves is so ingrained that we literally don’t have the muscle to see beyond our own self- and societally imposed limitations. The way out is to engage in a practice that helps to develop the ability to see anew, to ask new questions, cultivate curiosity and create possibility.

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