Karen Steinberg, Founder

Karen SteinbergKaren Steinberg is a progressive thinker who brings intelligence, intimacy and creativity to her work. What began as a deep concern for the inequities of the world has become a lifetime of helping people transform their lives.
Karen believes that in order to change one’s life (and the world) we have to work with others to create the change, to create a new paradigm for relating. She started The Possibility Practice on this premise.

Karen developed a sense of social justice early on. The child of immigrants, she grew up in the US in New Jersey in the 1960’s. Exposed to the antiwar, civil and women’s rights movements, Karen was distressed by the pain and suffering she saw around her. She regularly questioned the “givens” and began to search for ways to change the world.

In college, Karen looked to theater, dance, activism and philosophy as vehicles for change. She studied psychology and politics, and participated in the progressive efforts of the time: starting a women’s group and protesting the proliferation of nuclear weapons. As a graduate student, Karen studied social work and management at UC Berkeley. She became the executive director of a crisis center for battered women in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In 1990, dissatisfied with the existing tools for emotional and social transformation and their results, she focused on developing a progressive, postmodern approach to therapy, youth development and democracy. She became the director of a flagship center dedicated to that work, and supervised and trained therapists in the approach.

Karen worked with individuals, couples and groups, and found that the men she worked with were asking for specific help with who they were as men. So she created a series of standing-room-only workshops designed to help men grow — and to do it with the help of the women in their lives.

In 1992, Karen took her approach to Wall Street. Her work as a management consultant and trainer developed into a unique coaching and organizational development practice that provides leadership development training for artists, entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 executives and non-profit leaders around the country.

In 2001 Karen traveled to Bosnia and provided training and therapeutic support to a multi-ethnic group of psychologists and teachers working to help people develop in their post-war, divided land. Later that year, she coordinated a crisis response for corporations located in and around the World Trade Center on September 11th.

A lifelong learner and teacher, Karen has been studying and incorporating eastern philosophical teachings and practices, and new scientific understandings of the universe into her work. The Possibility Practice was founded out of her commitment to, and quest to develop a method of transformation that is humanistic, effective, methodologically sound and available to all.

Stanka Nestorovic

Stanka Nestorovic The Possibility PracticeStanka Nestorovic is passionate about creating new possibilities with her patients and helping them to grow. Stanka was raised in Banjaluka, in the northwestern region of the Bosnia, a republic of the former Yugoslavia. She grew up in a multinational, post-WWII environment, and raised with a love for a world in which everyone would be equal, educated and have meaningful work.
While working in an independent therapy center in Belgrade in 1992, she helped to develop a short-term crisis-counseling program for people impacted by the civil war. Still, she felt frustrated by the limitations of psychology and the tools available to help people impacted by the war. She pursued postgraduate work in the United States to continue her quest to discover a humanistic and effective approach to human development.

Early in her career, Stanka studied developmental psychology, focusing primarily on children. She wanted to learn more about the nature of human beings, about how we develop, about why we suffer and cause others to suffer. She grew to feel that human development was critical for children and grown-ups, and expanded her practice to include adults.

She got her BA and her MA in clinical psychology from the University of Belgrade, and worked at the University of Belgrade Department of Psychiatry School of Medicine for twenty years in a variety of capacities. She supervised psychology students and interns, conducted diagnostic evaluations, consulted with medical departments, and implemented community mental health projects.

Stanka continuously looked to learn and develop new, effective and humanistic approaches to helping people, and became proficient in a variety of methods. She studied Transactional Analysis, Personal Construct Therapy, and Bioenergetic Therapy and earned a postgraduate certificate in Short-Term Therapy.

Since 1999, Stanka has been a sought-after psychotherapist at a comprehensive care clinic in the Bronx, where she does assessment, family therapy, individual therapy and cognitive training with indigent adults with major emotional and developmental disorders.

Stanka has worked alongside Karen Steinberg, assisting in her group therapy practice since 2000.

Photos by Meredith Zinner Photography