Cultivate curiosity and create possibility.

What is it?

The Possibility Practice is a place where people like you can develop the emotional-intellectual-social muscles you need to grow, and live your life joyously in an ever changing and uncertain world.

It is a practice, an exercise, that enables you to develop your capacity to create your life.

Why do it?

Because you need to make room for possibility. Do it if you are suffering, or you need help to create your home, work, love, social and community life, as you’d like them to be. People and organizations often have trouble talking and collaborating with the people they relate to. If you are struggling, and you are ready to grow as a person, a family, a community or an organization, you’re ready to develop a possibility practice.

How does it work?

The Possibility Practice helps you to slow down, to take a look at how you see; to unravel the web of assumptions you have ­— about yourself, about others, about your problems, and about the world — that prevents you from living life in creative and gratifying ways.

What is helpful about that?

In taking a look at how you see and think, you discover that there are other ways to see and live life, and that you can create them.

Who founded it?

Karen Steinberg, a progressive thinker who brings intelligence, intimacy and creativity to her work. What began as a deep concern for the inequities of the world has become a lifetime of helping people transform their lives.

Karen believes that in order to change one’s life (and the world) we have to work with others to create the change, to create a new paradigm for relating. She started The Possibility Practice on this premise.

Who does it?

Individuals, couples, helping professionals, groups and organizations. It is a diverse community of people who come together on the premise that in order to change one’s life (and the world) we have to work with others to create change; to create a new paradigm for relating.

Where is it done?

Anywhere. But the office is in Manhattan. The Possibility Practice has delivered workshops, speaking engagements and trainings to diverse groups, from bankers on Wall Street to community organizers in Newark, and psychologists and educators in Bosnia. You can arrange for The Possibility Practice to work with your group or organization for keynotes, staff development retreats, workshops and trainings.