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Boing Boing Ingenuity: A Challenge in the Name of Ingenuity, Curiosity and Wonder

The Possibility Practice is the name of our practice, and it is also our practice; a practice, a way of life, of health and cure, that enables you to create possibility in your life, with whatever it is that is before (or behind or in front of) you. We do that, in part, by helping you to challenge your assumptions about just about everything, so that you can discover new ways of being and seeing. That practice tends to produce new possibilities for living your life.

So, it should come as no surprise that I was excited about a gathering coming up in San Francisco, that does some challenging of its own in this regard, and celebrates and invites us to exercise and enjoy our capacity for curiosity and wonder.

Boing Boing, a magazine on the web devoted to the weird, the beautiful and the wicked of technology and culture, is producing a two day celebration, August 17th and 18th, called Boing Boing Ingenuity, for scientists, artists, makers, musicians, designers, eccentrics and more. The event starts with a marathon hack day, and continues with “mind-bending theatrical experiences” with many possibility makers (lineup below), live performances and what they call, “living curiosities”, all on the stage of a former Masonic Lodge.

Boing Boing says, “it’s a celebration of cleverness, curiosity, and wonder. A vaudeville for happy mutants.”



Boing Boing Ingenuity created a challenge for people who wanted to win free tickets to the event. They asked people to tweet something from one of their blogs that had an ingenuity that touched them, with the hashtag #happymutants (great marketing too!). Ticket winners were picked from those tweets.

The deadline to win tickets has passed, but I think it is an interesting exercise, and I encourage you to try the challenge, tweaked a bit here, as a new way to practice possibility, and see what, and how you see the world around you. It is an exercise in noticing ingenuity. (Since this concept is often not on our radar, I thought I would provide a refresher, just in case: ingenuity is a skill or cleverness in devising or combining, cleverness or aptness of design or contrivance).

So, the exercise is simple, really: Think of the most ingenious thing you’ve encountered this week, whether it was online, or off.  Write it down for yourself, or tell a friend, leave it in a comment below, or perhaps tell us on our Facebook page. Then try it again next week. Go for a third week. See if you even see the ingenuity in things and people around you; notice if you begin to see things differently, see new, or different details in your life, or appreciate oddities you might otherwise dismiss. It is in practices like these that we engage and cultivate our curiosity, and develop our capacity to see anew. And, voila! New possibilities.

Here’s the cool and curious lineup of possibility makers I mentioned:

Adam Savage, co-host of Mythbusters

Tom Vanderbilt, author of “How We Drive”

Carol Reiley, robotics researcher

Ferdinando Buscema, magic experience designer

Trevor Paglen, experimental geographer, author of “The Last Pictures”

Isaac “Shovelman” Frankle, junkyard beatnik musician

Chris Noessel, interaction designer, co-author of “Make It So”

Eri Gentry, co-founder, BioCurious, research manager, Institute for the Future

Nate DiMeo, host, Memory Palace podcast, contributor, National Public Radio

Barn Owl, experimental desert rock musicians

Ariel Waldman, creator,

Megan Prelinger, co-founder Prelinger Library, author of “Another Science Fiction”

Seth Shostak, senior astronomer, SETI Institute


Let us know if you make it to the event! It looks like a great way to be inspired to create possibility.

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