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The Possibility Practice helps you to see beyond your self- and societally imposed limitations. Engage in a practice that helps to develop the ability to see anew, to ask new questions, cultivate curiosity, and create possibility.

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What Are Your Assumptions? How Do They Hold You Back?

Many of us pride ourselves in our ability to acknowledge and embrace the fact that people live their lives in many ways that are different from our own. Often, without even knowing it, what we mean is that others live differently, but within the same assumptive framework of “what is” that we ...

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How Do You Get Help With Stress?

Do you think that in order to get help with what is stressing you out, you need to address the specific thing you are stressed out by? Here is a beautiful example of how that is not necessarily the case. Check it out. And, you may even get some help in the process.

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A personal tale of pace, peace, productivity and possibility

It has been seven months since my last blog post. This is not a confession. Many of you have been asking me when I am going to write next, and shared with me that you eagerly await my posts. Thank you. I have been so touched by your enthusiasm, your interest in, and support of my writing. I ...

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